Finding a Hotel in France

You will find a wide variety of tourist accommodations in France, from the budget hotel to the full-service luxury resort. Here are some tips on getting a hotel.

The hotel Star System

Hotels are ranked from 1 to 4 stars, according to a review made by the Ministry of Tourism. You will see the ranking on a blue shield at the side of the hotel entrance.

Getting a Good Deal

Many websites offer discounts during the off season. Your travel agent can also arrange for a package price or source a cheaper hotel if something is beyond your budget.

Always look at the fine print. A hotel may look cheaper but you will only be disappointed if you find that the rate doesn’t include service fees or is applied on a per person, and not on a per room level.

Some hotels that look more expensive may actually be a good bargain if they include meals or discounts on tours. Don’t forget to compute the cost of transportation. An accessible hotel can save you a lot of money on tickets and cab fares.

Choosing a Hotel

Before you shop around, ask what’s important to you. Many of the more luxurious hotels are found near tourist areas and can give unique pampering packages: spa treatments, elaborate meals, chocolates on your pillow.

The interiors are elegant, the furnishings are first class, and things like the quality of the bedsheets transform your vacation into an all out experience of being treated like a king. You may even get butler service or even ask the staff to help you with your shopping.

Budget hotels, on the other hand, will scrimp on things like the size and comfort of the beds, the size of the bathrooms, the attentiveness of the staff. You may not even be able to get hot water. But you can save a lot allowing you to stay longer in France.