The French food and wines


France is surrounded by different kinds of cuisines in each of its regions. Each region of France boasted off different food specialties and it is based on the food available on that particular region.

Generally, the northern part of France’s cuisine is composed of butter and dairy products; while the southern part of France mostly make dishes which are composed of tomatoes, olive oil and herbs.

Regions which are living nearby the coasts, most of their cuisines are made of seafood since it is abundant in this area. On the Atlantic coast on the other hand, oysters are the most favorite and popular dish to be found in here. Oyster cuisines are popularly eaten in raw broiled or served it with cream sauce.

Famous Foods in France

One of the most famous foods in France is what they called the “black diamonds”, this kind of food in France is very famous where it is considered as well as one of the very expensive and luxury foods in the country.

This stuff or this warty mushroom grows mostly in the underground particularly in the roots of hazelnut trees and oak which is then being harvested by the well-trained sniffing dogs or pigs during the winter seasons. Another stuff that travelers or visitors of France should not miss while venturing their vacation here is to experience their French food and wines.

The French food and wines

The French food and wines are in fact the most popular not only in France but all over the world. French people are very determined about their food and they are as well as meticulously as what we think they are when it comes to food matters. They are described as very much knowledgeable as well when it comes to regional specialties.

One of the great examples of this is their various kinds of cheeses, since there are cheeses in France which are soft, flavored with herbs, peppercorns, or nuts and more. However, the most well-known French cheese is “Camembert” which is originated in the small town of Camembert Normandy. For the first time France travelers experiencing their gastronomic foods should never be miss.